When explaining to somebody who doesn’t understand the situation I would say yes. Else just saying they’re a women or trans-woman is good.

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White tee represent
waldangerous asked:
The Flash


what i like is that apparently in one run the f lash  ran so fast he became the  lightning  that gave himself  his powers and thats  fuckn cool

ii hate it bc hes a  lame ass whtie boi tho  AYYYYYY



i have never seen a picture that represented this entire show more than this.
Finally, something better to mask my untalent! #MicroCube #HoneyTone #guitar #OnEssex

I love Metroid.

thedrunkenminstrel replied to your post “How did I get, like, 15 notes from a post asking for TMI asks, yet 0…”

You seem like a cool guy but no offense I’m more interested in your opinions on Japanese kids shows than your sex life.

How did I get, like, 15 notes from a post asking for TMI asks, yet 0 TMI asks? This is why I only reblog cartoons and gorgeous women.

Wow, I just realized that in Rent, some lady was so rich, she just pulled up in her limo and made an assassin out of the most likable member of the cast.

thedrunkenminstrel asked:
Not TMI, but what are your favorite tokusatsu shows?

KR: Agito, W, OOO

SS: Boukenger, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder

Other: Madan Senki Ryukendo

TMI Tuesday!

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